Watch for These Signs of Leaking Exhaust

To prevent dangerous gases from your car's exhaust system that are both colorless and odorless from leaking into the passenger cabin, our service team at Griffin Motors in Meadville, PA wants you to know the warning signs that your exhaust is leaking.

Make a service appointment as soon as possible if you notice any popping or hissing noises when the engine is running, especially any high pitched whistle coming from the tailpipe. A rusty exhaust often causes vibration in the car seat, foot pedals or steering wheel, another sign your exhaust system needs prompt attention. If you notice a sudden increase in fuel usage, but your engine won't deliver power at high speeds, an exhaust leak is likely and putting you and your passengers in danger.

Our Griffin Motors service center is an expert at diagnosing any exhaust system leaks and repairing those so that harmful gases are properly diverted out the tailpipe.

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