Important Differences Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Changing the oil at regularly scheduled times is one of the best ways of maintaining your vehicle. Knowing the types of oils available and what they can do for your vehicle will help you choose the right kind of oil for your vehicle. There are synthetic blends, synthetic and conventional oils available for vehicles.

Synthetic Blends and Synthetic Oils

  • Synthetic Blend Oil- A blend between conventional and synthetic oils and a good choice if you have periodic extreme driving conditions.
  • Synthetic Oil- A totally synthetic oil that offers the most protection in all driving conditions.

Conventional Oil

These are familiar oils that are an excellent choice for vehicles not subjected to extreme driving conditions, dusty roads, frequent short trips or towing heavy loads. When it is time to have the oil changed in your vehicle bring it in to the service center here at Griffin Motors in Meadville to decide on the best oil for your vehicle.

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