Powerful, durable and dynamic, the Ram 1500 is a highly acclaimed pickup truck that's sold by Griffin Motors. Having a showroom in Meadville, PA, this dealership sells the Laramie, Rebel and other models.

Whether you get a 4x2 drive or 4x4 drive for the Ram 1500, you'll enjoy leverage from a handful of standard mechanical technologies. The Electronic Roll Mitigation senses the slightest potential for a rollover on an inclined road. This dynamic function teams up with the Electronic Stability Control.

When this Ram 1500 navigates sloped trails, the Hill Descent Control is ready to kick in. You won't have to worry about losing control of the steering when going downhill in this versatile pickup truck. The HDC applies maximum braking force to minimize acceleration that's naturally caused by gravity. When you need a boost to start the car on a steep landscape, count on the Hill Start Assist technology, which automatically senses inclination in the chassis.

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