You probably know the Dodge Durango as a versatile, powerful SUV. But we are impressed at Griffin Motors Company by its trip capacity. You can depart Meadville, PA in a Durango and drive beyond 600 highway miles before it needs to visit a gas pump.

The designers at Dodge built heat recycling into the Durango's drivetrain. While previous era's SUVs may have let this heat simply dissipate, today's Durango redeploys it to draw additional mileage from the gasoline it uses. Should you choose one of the Durango's HEMI-powered trims, you will still enjoy a 500-mile highway trip capacity.

You will also enjoy the eight-speed transmission found in every modern Dodge Durango. Dodge lets you choose from three methods of engagement with this transmission. You can passively let it shift automatically, or you can assume more control through its on-wheel shift paddles or its in-console T-knob. Whatever method you choose, you will enjoy the Dodge Durango's long hauls.

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