The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection Service Offers a Variety of Plans

For over 35 years, the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service has been providing extended levels of protection to the owners of many different brands of vehicles. This service helps to fill in the gaps were traditional insurance and warranties fail, and also offers many peripheral benefits. For example, the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system offers several tiers of coverage as well as specialized services offered by independent dealerships.

The main plans offered by the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service are the Added Care Plus plan and Maximum Care plan. Vehicle owners who need lower levels of protection are often well served by the Added Care Plus plan that offers coverage for well over 800 different parts and components. Vehicle owners who need higher levels of coverage often benefit from the Maximum Care Plan that covers well over 5000 separate parts.

In addition to these major plans, there are many other smaller but no fewer valuable services available through this company. For example, in addition to coverage for private vehicle owners, this plan offers protection for business vehicles, lease vehicles, and even vehicle appearance.

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