Whether you've owned one in the past or are considering one for the first time, our inventory of SUVs may hold the perfect vehicle for you. They come with their own perks and benefits that you may find a suit you better than other vehicle types. Here are a few reasons why getting an SUV here at Griffin Motors may the best choice for your next vehicle purchase.

  • Towing. SUVs have powerful engines that can easily tow boats and trailers. Many SUVs also come with towing capacity and even trailer sway control as well. This makes SUVs great towing vehicles.
  • For off-road drives. SUVs are the vehicle of choice when driving off the road. They have suspension systems, skid plates and underbody protection that is designed for off-road driving.
  • SUVs do well in floods. If you live in a flood-prone area, then an SUV can help you evacuate and navigate the area safely.

At our Meadville showroom, we have an assortment of SUVs for you to choose from. Come in and test drive one today at 11031 Perry Highway. We will help you find the SUV that is right for your personal needs as well as hobbies.

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